Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy Helpers

We walked in a few minutes late to find the Berean office full of happy helpers. Such a wonderful sight and even better, everyone was hard at work opening the mail, working on the computers, reading letters and applying labels.
 Above Leila, Marvin and David are reading the letters that came in this week while Bill and Marie enter the studies on the computer. Below Bruce, Marvin and Chuck are working on one table while Shirley, Eva Jean and Vonnie work on the second table. 

 Above Bill is busy entering while Marvin reads letters. 

 See that yellow thing in front of Marvin? That is one of our handy dandy letter openers. We actually wear these things out with the amount of mail that comes each week. Below Rhoda is just getting ready to sit at the second table to read letters. 

 Above David is giving advice on how to handle a difficult letter to Shirley, pictured below.
Eva Jean opened an envelope that contained 2 million dollars. 
 We are not sure how a prisoner got $2,000,000.00 when locked up in jail but it was sure nice that they donated it to us. We have never seen a million dollar bill but it must be almost legal tender as it came from a Federal penitentiary. It must be one where they make money. We will just hang on to these bills and hang them up on the wall. 
 Kathy came in just a little late this morning but there were still plenty of letters still to be read.
 With so many great helpers we had time to enjoy sitting down for lunch today. After lunch Bill, Marvin and I entered the Bible requests the others went to work in the other room stuffing the next set of lessons for each prisoner. Marie kept everyone busy with the correct study while Eva Jean, Rhoda, Jeanette, Bruce, Marvin, Vonnie and Chuck stuffed envelopes. 

 Once the stuffing is done the likkers come out. We are thankful to have a way to seal envelopes. 

The last job of the afternoon was to make a back up and close down the computer program. Marvin was teaching Bill how to do this as the other person that should be doing this is an old dog that can't seem to learn new tricks (me). In my defense that was something I never had to do at our old office. The internet backed it up automatically. Here we do not have internet and we are usually so busy I forget that last step of the day. 
 This truly is a happy office and a wonderful place to spend the day. Some of the letters today were so touching. One person wrote that when she went to jail she lost all she had then became involved with our Bible study and gained EVERYTHING.
NOTICE: There will be no work on THURSDAY March 2nd at the Berean office. 

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