Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Round and Round

I arrived at the Berean office early this morning but wasn't the first one here. Marie already had the copy machine running and Skip was here to pick up answer keys. Marie still needed to get them put together and we had a lot of mail so Skip was put to work opening envelopes.
 Shirley, Chuck and Vonnie soon arrived to help with that big pile of mail. Shirley (not pictured) was put to work reading letters at that table. 
 We were thrilled when Joyce and Jan walked in the office. They were each given piles and openers. 
 Jeanette was given labels to apply while Marvin and Kathy were reading letters. 
 Bill and I worked like a greased wheel spitting out labels faster than the letter openers could keep up. We were able to get almost all the mail entered by noon. Below Kathy and Marvin are working on a problem. Kathy's phone was put to use a lot today. We have no internet at the office so if we have a question Kathy looks up addresses on her smart phone.
 We had a man stop in to pick up Bible studies for his church to grade. The studies were not processed so he was put to work on that while he was waiting. BEWARE if you show up when we are swamped you WILL be put to work. Almost all of the stuffing was done before lunch. After lunch Marie wanted to finish putting together the new revised 2017 answer keys. This is a big job, she made 100 copies. Each sheet is put on the table and we go round and round pulling one sheet off each pile to get a complete set of the answers for all 50 lessons.
That is 100 times around for 100 sets, Marie has no problem getting her steps in for the day. We are working at the Berean office tomorrow. Bibles need to be stuffed and wrapped and the requests entered.

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