Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Job Well Done

We had quite a bit of mail today. Below Shirley, Eva Jean, Vonnie and mom are opening a bunch of the studies.
 Leila, Marvin and David are busy with the letters while Bill is working on the second computer.
Marvin worked on the 3rd computer today and we were all grateful we HAVE 3 computers. We had a little problem and it really was all my fault. We had so much data on the computers from the 68,000 prisoners on the rolls that Marvin suggested deleting all those from before 2008 to make the computers run faster. I thought that was a wonderful idea and told him to go ahead but what I didn't realize was it also deleted anyone that was just doing studies and had not requested a Bible from us. 
 Thankfully Marvin made a back up so he worked on the 3rd computer fixing my mistakes. We were thankful when Bill and Joan arrived with a couple of their girls. Bill was put to work installing internet at this office.
 While Joan and the girls stuffed and wrapped Bibles. We have a tough time keeping enough wrapped Bibles in this office. Last Thursday we wrapped just enough to mail out for that day leaving none for this week. 

Jeanette pretty much always sits at that table to apply labels. She enjoys visiting with the children while they all work together. 
Just look at the 2 pictures below. So many helpers all doing a part in helping this prison ministry minister to prisoners all over the United States. 

 Kathy and David brought the lunch in today. Below Kathy is busy arranging the lunch on the counter. 

What a wonderful lunch it was. We had piping hot pizza, fresh vegetables, chips, colorful bursting with flavor fresh fruit and Kathy's special dessert. The smells coming out of that room was torture until Kathy called us in for lunch. There was no hesitating today to fill the table. 
The table was full so Marie moved chairs to the second table for a few more of us. The food was delicious but honestly the conversations that happen in this office is food for the soul. Tuesdays are one of the a favorite days here.

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