Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Well Oiled Machine

We had a few problems with the printer today but by the end of the morning everything was working like clockwork. Everything got done except entering the Bible requests which will happen tomorrow.
We had a good crew today helping. Below Chuck, Shirley, Glenna and Eva Jean are opening the stack of mail that came today.
Kathy and Dave arrived to read letters. 
Vonnie started reading letters at the middle table while David and Kathy went right to work reading letters too. 
 Bill went right to work on the computer. 
Timmy came to help his mom Marie make copies as he didn't have school today. We are always happy to see the young ones volunteering here. 
 When Jan and Joyce arrived they were put to work opening mail. Chuck moved over to the first table and started applying labels to studies. Bill S (not pictured)  arrived to help and was put to work also applying labels.
 We had finished most of the work by noon and enjoyed our lunch break.
Marvin came in and joined us for lunch before heading into the other room to work on certificates. We all have our jobs to do and everyone does their jobs so very well the office runs like a well oiled machine.

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