Thursday, March 9, 2017

Easy Day

Yesterday Dave, Mary and Carol came to help at the Berean office. Dave entered the Bible requests, Mary placed labels on Bibles and Carol folded studies. We finished before noon.

 Today we planned on wrapping and mailing out the Bibles for the week. We had 260 requests to fill. Karen came to help with all the heavy lifting of loading the Bibles into the car but when we arrived ALL the Bibles, stamps, labels, sleeves for wrapping and studies for stuffing were gone. Princeville is holding a Harvest Call work day and they are going to get all of this done for us. Instead Karen was put to work making copies. Marie had Anna, Roma and Edie folding.
 Sometimes we have an easy day and today was one of those days. Totally unexpected but totally great to be able to finish early! Thankful for Princeville to take all that work we would have had to do.

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