Tuesday, April 4, 2017


One of the jobs the new director wanted us to do was to count the Bible studies that come in so today we took the time to count. We had 364 but then found a few more studies mixed in with the letters. The board members are trying to find a cheaper way to mail out the studies and we are looking at the non for profit rate but there must be at least 200 going out on any given day. That won't be a problem. 
 Above Bill S, Marvin H and Bill C are all working on the computer program. We have some glitches and these three guys are the experts on fixing things. Dave and Kathy are hard at work reading letters, and Eva Jean is applying labels. Below Marvin L and Chuck are applying labels and stamps while discussing world peace or something like that. Both of these men are retired elders and we are thankful they only retired from preaching, not from volunteering. 
 Kathy came in just a bit late but there is always work to be done even for the late comers. 
 Glenna, Shirley, Jan, Vonnie and Eva Jean are hard at work opening those 364 + envelopes while Marvin and Dave work on a problem that came in from Missouri.
 Below Jan is pulling studies for stuffing. The Wednesday group is doing a great job keeping those boxes full. 
 Joan S brought in help for wrapping Bibles, Marie kept everything in this room running smoothly. 
We really do have a well run office at times and today was one of those times. A great big thank-you to those who helped.

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