Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tickled Our Funny Bone

We had an unbelievable funny letter today, in fact it just tickled us all and was all about tickling. David opened the letter, skimmed it and then just had to read it aloud.
 The letter started out that this prisoner had a problem, he LOVED to tickle women's feet and had tickled hundreds of women's feet. By this time the entire room erupted in laughter. Now THAT'S a problem. David never finished reading the letter out loud so I'm not exactly sure what the letter writer wanted help with.
 The next letter that had to be read out loud Marvin L opened. This one was so thankful it touched us deeply.
This prisoner was thanking the grader of his study then went on to express his gratitude for the in-depth remarks written on his study and how it has changed his life. I don't know if the graders of these many Bible studies realize how souls are touched and changed. THANK YOU to all who are willing to do this important job. We had almost 400 envelopes containing studies come in and every one of them will need to be graded. Each envelope holds 4 double sided studies. It really is a BIG job to get them all graded each week. We had a good group come in today to process these studies. Joyce, Shirley Glenna, Vonnie and Eva Jean worked on the middle table. While Chuck and Marvin worked on the back table.
 Our readers today were Kathy, David, Marvin H and Jeanette. Marie (not pictured) worked in the other room keeping the copy machine running and organizing the stuffing.
 Bill and I worked on the computers. After the requests were all read, Marvin moved to the third computer and started marking down any returns. 
When we have a Bible returned we make a note of that on the prisoners file that it was returned and why it was returned. We send out Bibles once a week but sometimes the prisoner will get transferred before his Bible arrives. If they ask again we make a note that the second Bible was sent out and what date.  Bill the Berean director stopped in today. We had a facebook request from someone that claimed they had been in a prison and gone through our study in Mississippi but was now in his home country of Nigeria and would like to send the study out there. Bill is going to bring that up at the board meeting on Thursday but the logistics just don't work. Eldon dropped off a pallet load of Bibles which will need to be stuffed and wrapped on Thursday. We had finished most all of our work by noon. Only Marvin had to work after lunch. He is the last one to leave the office each week.
Thankful for the amazing amount of work that happens with these amazing workers!

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