Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Over 400

We had over 400 Bible studies come in today and were short handed on processing them. The volunteers that showed up were happy to help and worked efficiently, so efficiently that we were able to take a lunch break at noon. Below Leila is just getting ready to sit down and start reading while Marvin and Marie work on organizing the studies and letters. Bill is already hard at work at the computer and Vonnie is opening mail.
 Chuck and George are also busy opening mail. We had over 400 studies and more than 100 letters to read. That's a lot of mail!
 mom was working so fast her hands were blurry as they fly from one envelope to another. Shirley had to read some of the letters which came with the studies. 
 Below Bill and Marvin are busy working on computers. We are blessed to have 3 running computers to keep up with this program. 
 Jeanette was a letter reader, letter organizer and even applied labels. 
 We were all doing 2 or 3 different jobs today, below Marvin is working on the certificates for the 24 people that finished all 50 lessons. 
 Vonnie went in the other room to start separating the studies, while Leila and Chuck stuffed and sealed. 
 We broke at noon for lunch and fellowship. What a great group of people all coming to serve the Lord at what ever job is needed. 

 After lunch we went back to sealing envelopes. 
We did not finish today, we still have a couple hundred left to stuff, seal and mail out. That gives the Wednesday volunteers something more to do than just enter on the computer or fold studies. We will be working at the Berean office tomorrow starting at 9:00 am if anyone wants to help stuff envelopes. I believe it will be less than 2 hours of work. I'm very thankful for what got done and feel blessed to be able to work with such wonderful volunteers.

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