Tuesday, November 28, 2017

After ThanksGiving But STILL Thankful

Another wonderful morning of fellowship while we worked on the prison Bible studies and Bible requests. Tuesday mornings are such a blessed time with such wonderful volunteers. We work together in harmony, with prayers going up for the prisoners, this program and each other. There really is nothing sweeter in the eyes of God to see His children serving and loving HIM and each other. I'm very blessed to be allowed to participate in this program and if you are looking for a way to serve there are many many opportunities with the Berean Ministry. Below are a few of the volunteers working at the Berean office today. Vonnie and Marvin are working behind Rhoda and Shirley.
 Marvin is busy applying the address labels to envelopes.
 Marvin and Kathy were the readers today while Bill is working on the computer entering the lessons. 
 Vonnie is busy separating the studies by numbers. 
 Bill is getting the Bible wrappers ready for Marvin to enter while Robin is busy making copies. 
 Rhoda, Shirley, Vonnie and Chuck are filling envelopes and once they are stuffed with the new lesson, sealing them. 

 Below Bill is getting ready to print out the certificates of those prisoners that have finished all 50 lessons in this study. 
The prisoners love the certificates. We got a letter from one prisoner who wrote, "this study is the first thing I've EVER finished in my life. Believe me that certificate was proudly hanging on his cell wall. Sometimes the letters cause us to burst out laughing. Last week we had one man write that he was sentenced to 150 years and would we be willing to help him when he gets out. Most of the letters that come are requesting a Bible but a lot of them are thank you letters. They really appreciate the comments the graders leave on the lessons. The graders in this program are most important. Sometimes this is the only outside communication a prisoner has. They anxiously await for this piece of mail. If you are a grader we THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart. One updated note for graders ANY studies going to ANY of the jails or prisons in MICHIGAN MUST grade in black or blue ink. Michigan no longer allows any studies going through with RED INK.

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