Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November News Letter

We had a skid load of Bibles delivered this morning at the Berean office. Thankful Robin and Eldon were willing to help with the unloading. While the Bibles were being unloaded Cindy was busy typing in the requests for the week.
As soon as the Bibles were unloaded Robin and Mary went right to work stuffing, wrapping and labeling the Bibles heading out this week.

Bill arrived as we were busy to mail out the Bibles but we weren't quite finished. He left with the promise he would be back to load them into his truck and haul them to the post office. We sure are thankful that we now have strong men doing the hauling. We needed to order supplies today. Another 10,000 number 10 envelopes, 10 boxes of paper, 10,000 business reply envelopes and more wrapper sleeves. We are very thankful for those that donate money for these supplies. It always shocks me how much we spend on that.
To see the Berean new's letter click HERE.

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