Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Experienced and Efficient

We didn't have a lot of mail today and blame that on the Veterans Day Holiday Saturday. For some reason when there is a holiday over the weekend or on a Monday we just don't get much mail. We had a good group of volunteers to come in and process what mail we did get. Leila, Dave and Kathy were our readers today.
 Bill had the main computer and runs it well. 
Eva Jean is working on labels below. 
 Once the mail was entered on the computer, the labels put on the envelopes and the envelopes put on the studies we migrated to the other room to work on stuffing the next set of lessons for each prisoner. Below Jeanette is checking with Chuck about the spelling on a name while Vonnie and Jan put the studies in order. Shirley and Glenna were stuffing and sealing envelopes. 
 Below Joyce and Leila are probably discussing really important items of the day, maybe what is for lunch but more than likely something with the prison ministry. 

 Dave and Bill were in the other room working on the computer.
 Below we are just about finished for the day. These volunteers are experienced on how to get these jobs done and done efficiently. 
 We had a good time today working together and got everything accomplished that needed to be done. Very thankful for such willing volunteers that not only work hard but have fun working together.

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