Thursday, August 2, 2018

Growing Again

Berean is growing again. We got back a LOT of the first set of studies which means that pretty much everyone asking for a Bible is also doing the Bible study. We needed another pallet of Bibles and Jacob brought them first thing. Below David and Jake have just finished unloading the pallet and were talking about the warehouse issues.
 We had a lot of studies come in, below Jan and Chuck are working on one table while Shirley and mom work on the other opening the studies.
 Robin was in the other room stuffing and wrapping the Bibles.
 Jeanette and David were our only readers today, although Shirley also reads when a letter comes with a study. 

 Mom is more than willing to help out where ever she is needed. Below she is working on opening the studies. She also corrects problems which is what she is doing with the pen. Her big issue is when the prisoner folds each study individually. She wants them all folded together. It makes it much easier and saves a lot of time for the opener. Now just so the prisoner knows she isn't mad, she always includes a happy face.
Marie came in with a lot of fresh produce from her garden. Marie also helps out where ever and when ever she is needed. 
 Marie usually brings help with her. Timothy, her youngest came this day to help out. He will be getting his cast off soon. 
 Below Robin is showing Jan how to run postage, always an important job. Bruce usually does this job but wasn't here Tuesday. 
 Once the Bible labels were printed the volunteers formed a chain with someone adding the return address label, someone else adding the Prisoner's name and address and another person adding the postage stamp then Robin packing them back in the boxes for Bill to take down to the post office. 
We had a good day Tuesday with everyone working hard were able to finish right around noon. I'm very thankful for the help and the prisoner anxiously waiting for his Bible should be thankful too when it arrives quickly.

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