Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Late Mail

Our mail was late today and everyone got to take advantage of empty tables and no work.
Well that isn't quite true, Marvin and I worked on the certificates from last week and we had a whole crew in the other room working on folding studies and stamping envelopes. Ellen is out of town for a wedding and when Bill went down to the post office, they said he wasn't approved to pick up the Berean mail. He showed them his card, told them he was the director and is there every week dropping off Bibles and studies AND he had the box key.  Bureaucracy! When he walked into the office we all erupted into cheers.
Then went right to work to process it all. We had some computer problems and some mail problems which were time consuming.  Today we were not able to finish until around 2:00 pm. We had 120 Bible requests and over 200 studies to mail out. We took a lunch break then went right back to work. Sure was thankful for the good help today and thrilled we were able to get it all done even starting late.

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