Friday, August 31, 2018

Tuesday's Volunteers

Well 3 days late isn't too terrible. I had fallen behind with work so the Berean blog wasn't updated on Tuesday so even though today is Friday this is Tuesday's news.  We had a large amount of mail again. It really is nice to see the program growing. Many many letters come in thanking the Berean Prison Ministry for the Bibles and studies.  It takes many many volunteers to get the letters read, the studies processed, the Bibles here, wrapped and mailed out and most of all the hundreds of people that give their time to grade the studies. Prisoners LOVE getting mail and look so forward to seeing how they do on their lesson. We had a one letter come back with a study that had been graded and NOTHING was written on it, not a well done, not a single mark.  This was so disappointing to the prisoner that he wrote about it AND sent his lesson back to show us. Please please people if you are grading the lessons the prisoner would really appreciate remarks on how they are doing. Some of these prisoners are lifers and don't have much to look forward to except their mail and some prisoners tell us this is the ONLY mail they receive.  Tuesday we had a very good group of volunteers. Marvin started out reading letters but when the others started arriving he was put to work on the computer.

The other Marvin was put to work opening the studies. We so much enjoy Marvin's smile. He also asks us riddles as we are working.  
 Below mom and Chuck are opening the studies and putting them in order. 
  Kathy and David are our main readers. David went into the hospital on Wednesday and they put him in intensive care. We ask for prayers for him. He is such a big part of this ministry. He not only reads for us but he is on the Berean board.
 Jeanette enjoys grading and loves to read the comments from the prisoner. If we were to vote she would be voted 'most enthusiastic!'
 Once the letters were read and all the studies processed they all moved into the other room to start stuffing and wrapping the Bibles that were to be mailed out on Tuesday. We were running a little low on Bibles so were pleased that by the time we were finished entering all the names of the prisoner wanting a Bible we had enough for all that had requested this week plus just THREE extra. That was cutting it a little close. Hopefully we can get a skidlow here by next Tuesday. 
 Bill Schick arrived to help today. Bill is the director of Berean and we are thankful when he comes to help. He comes each week to collect all the lessons and Bibles to be mailed out then takes them to the post office but sometimes he arrives after we have left the office. 
 Below mom is preparing the lunch. She is always willing to do what ever is needed and of course lunch is ALWAYS needed. 
We had a good day and I am thankful for all the help.

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