Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Banquet

The Berean banquet is THIS Thursday and it starts at 6:00 pm at 5 Points Washington. We are very pleased that the horse trainer/ minister Dr Lew Sterrett will be speaking. 
We didn't even think to discuss the banquet this morning. We were short handed with Marvin on vacation and Dave still in the hospital and Kathy staying with him. Thankful Mark made it back from his many mission trips to help out on the computer.
We had some problems with the postage machine today which also set us back as we had a lot of mail to process and stamp. Bill arrived and was able to get it going. 
 Chuck, Vonnie, Shirley, Joyce and Glenna went right to work opening the studies while mom and Leila read letters. 

 Marvin came in with a big box full of greeting cards Jan donated for the jail. Mark goes to the jail every Sunday and offered to take them. 
 When Jeanette arrived she was put to work helping Robin wrap Bibles. 
 Wayne, the owner of the building came in today to make sure all was well. We are always glad to see him. 
I wasn't sure what to do about lunch as yesterday I was too busy to go shopping or prepare anything. I planned on stopping at Sam's club to buy us all something for lunch but last night Robin sent a text that Sam's club had a fire and the store would be closed for maybe a month.  Mom offered to drive to Walmart and pick up rotisserie chicken, salad, fruit, rolls and a caramel apple pie for dessert.  We took a break and all really enjoyed that. Everything was so delicious, OR we were so hungry from working overtime. After lunch the Bibles were labeled and loaded into Bill's car. We had 124 Bible request this week and almost 300 studies come in. Peoria church has too many studies to grade so when Roanoke called to ask for some we were glad to send them all the studies this week.  Every time we have a need we are blessed with someone stepping up to fill that need even without us asking. THANK YOU! 

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