Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Lunch Date

We had a special day at the Berean office but best of all was Kathy and Marvin were both back. We did not expect Kathy back as we knew David was still in the hospital and were all shocked when she walked in the door.  She told us David is getting out of the hospital this afternoon so she grabbed these few hours and came to help us out. Marvin got back from his 2 week vacation in Gulf Shores.
When Marvin goes on vacation he doesn't really just lay around, he spent time removing the glass shower doors from the tubs in the condo he was staying  replacing those with shower curtains. The owner asked him to do it and he did it.
We had 88 requests for Bibles today and around 250 studies. Below the owner of the building, Wayne came in to check on things.
 Mark also came so we were very efficient on entering the studies and Bible requests
Marie came today bringing gifts. 
 A huge container of tomatoes. Robin took most of them to can for the winter. 
 Robin kept everyone busy stuffing studies while the Bible requests were entered. 
 We had a special surprise today. Stephanie, Israel and Elisabet brought lunch for everyone. 
 After lunch Israel helped sweep up the floor. 
 He was fascinated with the little carpet sweeper. 
 Elisabet helped pull out the replacement garbage bags. 
 She was happy to help. 
It is always a special day when the grand children come to help out at this office. A big thank you to Stephanie and all the other wonderful volunteers that helped out today.

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