Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Prayer Requests

A few weeks ago at this office we were struggling with the postage machine and Robin asked if I would tell the Roanoke church that we needed stamps. My response was, "no we should just pray for stamps." This morning on the walk Ruth came with a bag full of stamps, over 3000 of them.  When I walked in the Berean office Robin was already hard at work. When I showed her the stamps she could hardly believe her eyes.
What a blessing, not just for the stamps but such a dramatic answer to prayer.  A BIG BIG thank you to who ever donated stamps for this program. We hate to make a prisoner wait for his study or graders wait to grade because of not having the postage. We also ran out of Bibles well last week Bill walked in with the report the Bibles we use went on sale AGAIN and he ordered 5000 of them at $5.00 each. Another answer to prayer. It is hard not to smile when working here. We have another prayer request, our copier, the one that shoots out 130 copies a minute, the one that works like a mimeograph machine has officially died.  It has served us well for many many years and spit out millions (literately) of copies.  This is a very needed piece of equipment. It has been the cheapest way to make copies but also by far the fastest way. We must have something fast because of the thousands of copies that need to be made each week. We ask for prayers that the right machine could be found and that we can afford it. We had a good group of volunteers today helping. Everyone willingly went right to work at what ever needed doing.

I'm always amazed at how much work gets done at this office and gets done joyfully. 

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