Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Another Fun Filled Work Day

We had a really good day at the Berean office. We were so glad to welcome back David from his long hospital stay.
Vonnie brought a guest today. Her grand daughter came in to say hello to all of us old folks. Bill brought the mail today. He stayed to work on the copy machine which is not working. 
We had a lot of mail but also a lot of visiting to do while the mail was opened. 
 It was such a joy to be working with these amazing volunteers. 

 Below Robin had everyone busy stuffing envelopes. 

 It was a lot of work but many hands made it seem light and the time just flew by. 
 The Bible requests were entered and we were able to get them all out today. Mark brought in a laptop so he and Marvin worked on getting that to work with our other two. Sure am thankful for these to men who keep the computers running properly. 
Please pray that we can either get our copy machine fixed or replaced. We will run out of studies soon. That machine puts out over 100 copies a minute and we go through hundreds of copies each day. Today we mailed out over 400 envelopes stuffed with 4 studies and a postage paid envelope. That was over 1600 sheets of paper and each and every piece of paper had a study printed on BOTH sides. We will be taking OVER 400 studies to church for grading tomorrow evening so if anyone WANTS to grade there is now an abundance needing to be graded. 

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