Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Armed and Not So Dangerous

 Chuck was one of the first ones to arrive at the Berean office today and he came armed.  That knife he is holding is the took he uses instead of our envelope openers. 

We decide he is armed but not dangerous. He went right to work opening the mail. In the picture below Kathy and Leila are reading letters, Skip is working on the computer entering Bible requests while Bill is talking to Marvin about a request.

Bruce is processing today's certificates. We had 3 finish the intermediate course and 3 the Basic course this week.
We had a study we had been holding for almost a year. The prisoner wrote that he was getting moved and we should not send his study back until he knew where he was going to end up. Bill got on the main computer and found where the prisoner ended up and we sent him a new set of lessons to his new address.  The internet makes this job much easier.
When we finished the studies and Bible request we went into the other room to work on Bibles.

A bit later I caught Shirley and Shirley cleaning the bathroom. 
That isn't a usual job but both ladies saw a need and went to work. They were laughing because I made them turn around so I could get their better side. 

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