Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Weapons In the Work Place

 Last week Chuck pulled out his pocket knife. I arrived early this morning at the Berean office and THIS was what was laying on the work table: 

I left it laying on the table, separated the mail then had to leave for Peoria Tire and Vulcanizing to get the oil changed in my car. The car was left there, mom met me there and together we drove to the Berean office to get to work. When we arrived there were already volunteers working and I forgot about the knife. Below Kathy and Leila are working on letters while Marvin was getting some supplies.
The two Shirleys, Chuck and Ron were busy opening the studies. 
Bruce was at the other table also opening studies.
Mom sat down and right at her chair was 'the knife'! She picked it up and of course Chuck pulled his knife out too.
Who would have thought the Berean office would have weapons in the work place.  It turned out the knife was Bill's, he was using it to open boxes, put it down and forgot it. 
Bill got his knife back and we went back to work.
When the studies were all opened Jennifer and Leila moved to the other room to help Vonnie.  Leila was NOT in a fight, nor did she bring any weapons, instead she had a fall last week, landing on her cheek. She had quite a shiner.
Bruce, her husband made the comment, it was surprising how much damage she could do when she is so close to the ground. (Leile is not very tall.) Of course we all had to laugh. We had around 110 studies come in today and 32 Bible requests. Below the group is working on labeling and stamping the Bibles for mailing today.

Time for the funny story of the week. Marie, one of our graders emailed this:  Every once in awhile a prisoner’s answer makes me laugh.  I just had to share this one with you. Lesson 3
  1. Romans 3:23 (Please write it out.)

                                   The prisoner’s answer: (It out)  I hope this at least got a smile.

We enjoyed working together and enjoyed visiting when the work was finished. So thankful for Tuesdays, the day we can serve.

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