Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Easy Work

 We didn't have a lot of mail today, only 18 Bible request and about 50 studies. Below Kathy, Leila, Marvin and Skip are taking care of the non study mail. These are Bible request or other request such as fans or pen pals. Kathy writes to them to explain we can only send Bibles. Marvin uses the lap top computer to look up prisoners when we can't figure out the spelling of a name or the actual address of the prison they are writing from. It is amazing how many prisoners don't include that important information. 

After the studies were processed, everyone got busy and did a few extra jobs that had been put off such as folding more lessons that we stuff into the Bibles. Below Skip is labeling the Bibles going out today while Leila, Shirley L, Shirley R and Vonnie work on folding studies. 

The work is easy and we enjoy visiting while getting it done. This office is such a blessing to us who get to serve here AND to the prisoners that receive a Bible and studies. We have some that do the studies over and over. It gives them mail, they enjoy the comments from the graders and gives them something to do with their time while in prison. 
Below Bill was telling us about a prisoner that had requested a Bible from us in 2017, was out of prison and wanting to purchase a case of Bibles to give out. 
Once we finished, the men were solving the world's problems in one room while the ladies were enjoying our coffee and donuts and visiting in the other room.
Thankful to be here and thankful for willing volunteers.

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