Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Busy Thursday just 1 day late

Diane and I had a very nice surprise this morning. Rachel and her 2 boys Logan and Luke along with Karin came in to help at Berean.

We finished up just before 1:00 pm. We ran out of postage for the  Bibles but got out another 6 boxes with probably 4 more that will have to wait until Tuesday. All of the letters and studies were processed. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with this program and if it wasn't for volunteers we would for sure not be able to finish the job each week.
We have been trying to save money on postage by combining more studies when we send out the Bible and sending 4 lessons instead of 3 but it is still overwhelming. We just can't keep up with the costs. We have not had Eva Jean Tuesday and Thursday and after our work day today we really missed her. She use to take all of the envelopes home to stuff but ended up with carpel tunnel syndrome and Tuesday had to have surgery. Well so many mistakes were made and corrected yesterday we realized how very much we depended on her in the past and how we need to get with the program. Below are a couple of the hundreds of letters that came in since Tuesday:
Hello Paul. My name is D----- E------- and I just received the beautiful Bible you sent me.
I was using other Bibles such as NASB NKJV and didn't realize what they were.
Now I have a nice new Bible and I will cherish it and will use it and make notes. My old study Bible is almost worn out.  I'll still use it I guess but I plan on keeping my new Bible and writing thinks in it I want to keep for ever.  
Thank you very much Paul.  I am looking forward to doing the bible studies. I am using this time I'm doing to get to know the Lord and His word. In a way going to prison has been or is a blessing to me because I have accepted Christ as my savior and I am using this time to get to know Him. So my time won't be wasted, I am at peace.
May God bless your ministry keep up the good work and thanks again for the Bible.
 The next letter was short and sweet and written exactly as typed other than the name which we are not allowed to publish:
Merry Christmas, Thank you, for sending my test results. Back to me.  Sorry, I misted some questions. I should get, them, right. I have the Bible, to guide me. Thank you, Sincerly D-------O---

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