Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet Harmony

Diane drove today taking Emily, Rhoda and I to the shop for  Berean. Mom drove separately as she brought Molly down with her.
 Molly is so good down at Meisters, not making a peep and just staying right beside mom. Tim Martin had delivered 10 boxes of unwrapped Bibles for a couple different jails and those chaplains were pretty thrilled when we called to say the Bibles were in. We had a wonderful crew of 11 today and worked like a well oiled machine.
 Above Diane is lining mom out while below Philip is getting the second computer up and running, Kathy and Dave are reading the letters, Shirley and Eva Jean are opening mail and Emily is working on the copier.

 Above Rhoda is explaining to Joyce the next step with the study process and below Eva Jean, Kathy, Joyce and Shirley are stuffing and sealing envelopes. Eva Jean is using one of our special likkers. We seem to lose these often and are quick to accuse someone of hiding the likker.

 Dan and Dave are labeling the Bibles to be sent out while Emily is loading them into the boxes. Ellen had Aunt Bernie print out 250 stamps for the Bibles. Each stamp is $3.65 as that what it takes to mail a Bible media mail. Each week we have been running out. They are going to try to get us another 250 by Thursday.

By the time noon rolled around we were ready to haul the studies and Bibles to the post office and quit for the day. AMAZING! This is the first time we have been able to finish by noon in months. Everyone knows their job and works together in sweet harmony.
We had over a hundred letters but I'll just type out 2 shorter ones. The first one exactly as written: 
Friend Thank you! So, much for loving me, When no else does. And caring so much, to keep sending me such God anointed and Blessed, Holy Spirit Teachings. Thank you! Brother Jerry
The second one also as written: 
Greetings Saints, Thanking our Heavenly Father for you and your Bible Study Program.  Taking this time to say Thank you! for helping me to obtain knowledge of his word and ways.  I'm happy to announce that my tenure of incarceration will in a few days will be coming to an end.  Thank God! Nevertheless, my newness in him, his teachings, his way and Knowledge is just beginning. I wish to continue my studies in our study program so blessfully forward all communication to my home address. Thank you! Thank you! God Bless!
I did not want this blog to be a begging letter but want to put this simple plea out. We could really use financial help with the postage and supplies. The Bible study program is exploding. The prison ministry is not a place people usually think to donate. After all didn't those people deserve prison, don't they deserve their punishment? The problem with believing that lie is none of us are blameless. Our choir sang Orphans of God last year and those lyrics start with Who here among has not been broken, who here among us is without guilt or pain?
We may not have committed a crime but we are not sinless. Guess what, Jesus loves them as much as He loves us. He DIED for them too. Shouldn't we do our best to tell them of this great love by giving to any prisoner that asks His Word? What a better place to preach than to a captive audience. 
If you would want to donate anything toward our expenses please feel free to drop a check in the mail made out to Berean Prison Ministry  P.O. Box 761 Peoria, IL 61652 There is also a way to donate on the Berean website through paypal.

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