Friday, January 16, 2015

Why is Jesus Doing Time?

This is the second installment of Spark's notes on his experience at the Peoria County Jail:
By the year 2004 dad's heart valve was getting worse.  The doctor told him he would have to have an operation. We did not know that the Sunday before the operation would be his last time at the county jail.  We had a singing group there called the Glory Land  Band and the lead singer looked over at dad before their performance and said into the microphone, "you don't recognize me do you Paul?" Dad shook his head and said "no".  The lead singer  then told the inmates that 11 years before this he was an inmate at the Peoria County Jail back in E pod.  His wife had brought his 4 year old daughter to see him and when it was time for them to leave she tried to come through the glass window that separated them.  He said, "I cried like a baby when I got back to the cell and put in a request to see the chaplain." "That's when you led me to the Lord, Paul". "I had to do 6 years in a federal penitentiary, and Jesus was with me the whole time."  He then proceeded to sing a song that he and another inmate had written called the Middle Man.  He had been a middle man for the gangster disciples and the song was about the middle man on the cross and how He had saved him. This lead singer has been a volunteer for Berean Prison Ministries ever since.

Berean Prison Ministries:

After dad and uncle Ed left Faith, Hope, and Love ministries they started Berean Prison Ministries.  AT the time of this writing there are over 200 volunteers working for this organization.  Check out the website by clicking on this link:  Berean Prison Ministry if you are interested. It has even expanded to Russia and Romania.

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