Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Growing Again

Joan dropped off Hannah, Faith and Mackenson to help as she, mom and Diane were going to TAG. We had a lot of mail, Mackenson came in to TEMCO with me to help carry it all.
 There was a basket for each one of Joan's kids to carry in.
 I thought it would just be me, the kids and Eva Jean today
but was pleasantly surprised when Shirley walked in then thrilled when Kathy and Dave arrived to help.

 Then Rhoda arrived about the same time Emily came in.
 After TAG was over mom, Joan and Diane came to help for a few hours. Mom went to lunch with us while Joan and Diane worked through lunch then went garage saling in Morton.
 By 2:30 pm we had finally finished processing the studies. Below Shirley is stacking the last of the stuffed envelopes in the box to go out to the mail.
 The studies below were loaded into my car to take to church on Wednesday for grading. 
 We were not able to get to the letters. Kathy and Dave got them all read and sorted, Wednesday I'll head in to the shop to get them entered and ready for our Thursday workers. Darlene arrived from Sheridan Correctional Institution to pick up Bibles and more studies for that prison just as we were leaving for the day.
This Bible program is growing quickly, we are running out of space at Meister Brothers. We have been discussing our options but didn't come up with any good solutions. Will you pray for us? 

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