Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two Days Of Work

Thursday's Happenings:
We had a busy day at Meisters working for the Berean Prison Ministry. We had a new volunteer come in, Roma has offered to start helping us on Thursdays. We were so busy the camera wasn't taken out though until after Roma left for the afternoon. We were able to get all the letters and studies read and processed but not all the Bibles got mailed. The ink didn't come in for the postage machine so no stamps were available. We were able to get out 144 Bibles but have probably have more than 200 requests waiting. We also ran out of Bibles but Tim Martin has promised another load on Monday. Below are a few pictures of the morning.
 Above and below Diane R, Emily, Rachel and Jessica are preparing the Bibles that needed to be UPS'd to chaplains
 Rhoda had a short day of work at the vet clinic in Bloomington so came as soon as she could to help. We were thrilled to have her back.
And because last Tuesday was skipped check that out below
Tuesday's News:
We had a good day at Berean getting all the studies processed and the letters read but were not able to mail out any Bibles. Ellen wasn't able to get the stamps printed, she is having trouble with the meter. She is hoping to have the stamps for us by Thursday. Below are a few pictures of Tuesday morning.

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