Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wonderful Willing Workers

We had an amazing group of volunteers today and needed each and every one. We had 733 pieces of mail come in today. Below are a few pictures of the day.
 Above Cody is getting the stamps on the Bibles to be mailed and below are mom, Joyce, Shirley, Eva Jean opening and reading the mail while Emily enters.

 Joan brought in 4 of her kids today and we put them all to work. Below Kathy is writing to a prisoner while Joyce works on studies and Cody is stamping envelopes.
 Tara arrived with 2 of her girls and went right in to start volunteering in the conference room with Joan and her kids. Tara had just come from the midwife and we were all wondering if she felt Tara was ready to deliver this new baby. All Tara could tell us was she said, "I promise you will not be pregnant forever!"

 Above Spark is reading a letter to the workers in the conference room. The letter was pretty touching. This is what was written word for word:
Dear Berean Prison Ministry, I wanted you to know how grateful I am that you sent me my new Bible as well as this study!! Thank you!! You have no idea how perfect your timing was.  11 days ago I hung myself in my prison cell from the light.  The officers cut me down, but I had planned to do it again as soon as possible.  Then my Bible showed up and the study as well. God used these to give me a change of heart. So Thank you and God Bless.
Below Tara is applying stamps to each envelope while Joan is stuffing boxes, Faith stamping envelopes and on the other side of the table Hannah is applying labels to envelopes that go on the studies while Mackenson is stamping.
 Tim Martin and his wife showed up with around 800 Bibles. We got a chain going to unload. Spark took them off the trailer and handed them to Mark who handed the box to Tim who handed the box to Faith (Faith is 8 years old and weighs in at 43 pounds, the Bible boxes weigh 32 pounds each) who handed the box to Tim's wife who handed to me who handed to Joan who handed to Mackenson who handed to Hannah who stacked the boxes on the floor. Pretty nifty.
 Below is a short video of the line. 

The Bibles actually arrived just as Mark arrived with our lunch so the lunch sat waiting for us.
 Below we finally got a chance to sit down and eat our lunch. 
Today we worked until almost 4:00 pm and unfortunately didn't get done. There was just too much to do in too short a time. Hopefully we can finish the Tuesday work on Thursday. We have close to 400 more Bibles to mail out.

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