Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Short Day

The Bibles were suppose to be delivered today but didn't make it until after we left the Berean office. This made our work day much easier than the normal Thursday. We were blessed today by a gift from Marie H. She gave Eva Jean 5000 jumbo paper clips. Marie H is a grader and really doesn't like dealing with the small paper clips. Last week we ran out of the big ones. Marie made SURE we weren't going to run out any time soon.
 Edie, Janelle, Ann and Chuck went right to work opening the mail.
 Tiffany came to help stuff Bibles and ended up reading letters, then folding studies for Tuesday.
 Below Chuck is working on one table while Ann, Logan, Rachel, Edie and Eva Jean are opening the mail on the other table. 
 Below are 3 of the readers today. Tiffany, Diane H and Diane R.
 Of course we put Janelle on the computer as soon as we have computer work. Today she also made the certificates and sent them out. 
 Below Kathy, Logan and Tiffany are folding studies for next week. It is so important to keep those boxes full if we want to get the next set of lessons out to each prisoner. 
 Vonnie arrived with 2 full boxes of the lessons that get stuffed in the Bibles. 
Tim Martin called and offered to bring 45 boxes of Bibles over this afternoon. He said he would be able to unload them as we finished up and were out of there by 11:30 am. Today was an easy day since we were not able to get the Bibles in time for stuffing and mailing. Makes me kind of dread Tuesday. Consider this a plea, if any young brother wants to help stuff and pack Bibles on Tuesday we could sure use the muscle power.

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