Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Job Well Done

What a great group of people showed up today to volunteer to open mail process studies, stuff Bibles and load them into the van. Check out the piles of mail to open in the picture below.
 What this doesn't show is the piles of mail in front of Joyce and Eva Jean and the letters piled up on the other table for the readers. Below Kathy and Emily were discussing one of the letters and below that Marvin, David and Kathy are hard at work reading the hundreds of letters that came in today.

 Above Marvin is moving a chair out of the way so he can get to work opening and below Marie and Justin are stuffing Bibles. Timothy was helping also, he just wasn't in this picture. Jeanette is busy applying the labels.

 Above Jan, Joyce, Janelle, Shirley, Glenna and Eva Jean are working on one table while Chuck and Marvin L are working on another table and mom, Marvin H, David and Kathy are working on the third table.  When Sarah arrived we put her to work in the other room helping stuff Bibles.
 They had a good crew working. Mitchell arrived in time to help Marie, Justin, Timothy and Sarah.
 We ate lunch today in shifts, there was just so much to do that as each person finished a job they would go grab a piece of pizza then go right back to work.

We really have a good time working together, laughing, stealing each other's chairs, visiting and every once in a while listening to a song that burst forth from some of the younger voices. Today we mailed out over 360 Bibles and processed two full mailboxes of studies.

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