Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Miracle

Mom and I were the first 2 to arrive at the Berean office. Within a few minutes the helpers started pouring in and by 10:40 am we were finishing up for the day! Marie and her family helped get the hundreds of Bibles stuffed, stamped, labeled and loaded. She had company from Tremont come to help and everyone worked hard. 

Below Justin is taking a quick water break before going back to the back breaking job of carrying the 32 pound boxes out to the van.

In our other office Chuck was hard at work on study labels while mom read letters and our visitor all the way from Mexico was put to work entering Bible labels from today.
This visitor looks almost exactly like Megan, turns out Laura and Megan are sisters and both of these girls are Marie's daughters. Both are hard workers and we are thankful to have their help. Below Edie is separating the studies while mom reads and Laura enters.
We couldn't believe it when by 10:40 am all the studies were finished, and the Bibles loaded into the van. This had to be some kind of Christmas miracle!  Mom and I drove the van to the post office and unloaded almost 400 Bibles. The post office lady came out and I had to ask..."these will for sure arrive by Christmas right?"

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