Friday, February 12, 2016

Another Load Sent Out

This post is published one day late, it was suppose to be written and published on Thursday but the writer was just a little too busy to get the job done last night.
We were very thankful for everyone that showed up on this frigid day to help get another load of Bibles on their way to grateful prisoners.
 Not to brag or anything but when Rebekah brings Jordan it brightens up the entire office. It is just SO much fun watching this little one trying to 'help'.
 Of course us workers in the other room have to take a break and watch him through the window separating the 2 rooms.
 The piles of mail today were a little overwhelming and we were short a couple of our usual Thursday volunteers. Both Diane's couldn't make it in today. The huge amount of unexpected mail didn't seem to bother these diligent workers, they just sit down and start with big happy smiles.

In the other room Rachel, Tiffany, Rebekah, Shelby, Justin, and Anni were busy stuffing, labeling and loading Bibles.
 That is until they ran out of the 1 through 4 folded studies to stuff then had to start folding which slows the entire process down. 
 Jordan was sitting on the unfinished boxes showing the workers exactly how many more needed to be stuffed. We ran out of Bibles for this week short about 3 boxes. We still have 1 more pallet at the shop so hopefully Monday I can bring out a load and finish this weeks. 
Below are a few random pictures of the day. 

  The letters got read but not processed, but we were able to get the studies done but not before breaking for lunch. When Fedi heard about our youngest volunteer he had to make a special stop in to visit.

After lunch it was back to work to finish stuffing the studies finishing up around 2:00 pm. We will be totally out of Bibles by next week so Tim Martin was called to order another 2000. After each week of work we walk out of the office and say, "we survived another week!" That is truly how we feel. Grateful that the job was able to be accomplished one more week.

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