Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Big Helpful Crew

We had a surprise today. Lisa brought her boys to help. With all this good strong help, Spark was sent a text to find out if the Bibles had arrived and if so could he get them to the office. The answer was good news and bad news. The good news is yes the Bibles are at Meisters but the bad news is the covered van to bring them was out on a job. We still had plenty to keep everyone busy. Below Justin and Marie are working on making sure there is plenty of studies for stuffing.
 Marvin was one of the readers today. David and Kathy couldn't be here today as David was having cataract surgery on his other eye. 
 Helping Marvin read was Jeanette, Vonnie and Shirley. There were more letters today than studies so Chuck, Eva Jean and Joyce were put on studies until those were finished then helped with the letters.
 Lisa kept the boys all working in the other room stamping envelopes and filling boxes. 
 Justin kept the copier busy until he ran out of ink.
 Below is our crew of hard working boys today.
 Mom brought the lunch and by the time we broke to eat about everyone was starving.
 She provided a huge pot of chicken and noodles, home made chunky applesauce made with Jonathan apples, chips and for dessert a raspberry fruit filled cake all of which was scarfed down quickly.
 We had too many to all sit at the same setting so the boys ate first then gave their chairs up for the adults. 
We had a good time and a good day. This program isn't just a blessing for prisoners it is also a blessing for those of us who help.

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