Thursday, January 28, 2016

No Bibles

The Bibles didn't come in this week. Pray they arrive soon, we have over 500 prisoners waiting to receive one. We had work at the Berean office just not near as much work as we would have had if the Bibles would have arrived. The worst part about the entire day was RYAN was here to help with his muscles. If only if only those Bibles would have arrived while he was here.
I'm not complaining he was put to work on copying the lessons and labeling the studies but what a waste when he could have been lugging those 32 pound boxes off a truck, into a van, off the van, and up on the loading dock. Oh well we will just have to pray he comes back when they arrive.
Anna, Edie, Eva Jean and Roma also worked on studies while Diane R and Tiffany read letters. Diane got all the certificates out then worked on entering.

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