Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Number is 540

Well by the time today was over this Berean office filled 540 requests. We still need to take care of Galveston Jail and the jail at Sherman, TX but those will be UPS'd out on Tuesday.
Eldon from Meister Electric showed up with a pallet of Bibles around 9:00 am this morning. Once they were unloaded the volunteers were put to work stuffing, wrapping, labeling, stamping and hauling.
 I was so thankful for every one of them. Vonnie, Rachel, Roma, Chuck, Eva Jean, Diane R, Anna, Ryan, Logan and Steven.

 Above Diane R is reading the letters and below Logan and Steven are handing the boxes of Bibles that are ready to be mailed to Ryan who was inside the van stacking the boxes. Having strong guys to do the heavy lifting was such a blessing.

 The entire pallet of Bibles were wrapped by noon. 
Ryan and Logan went with me to unload the Bibles at the Bartonville post office. The rest of the volunteers stayed to finish the studies which Rachel took to the Hanna City post office. Thankfully we survived another week and it was only because of all the good help that came in an extra day this week. If it wasn't for working on Wednesday we would not have be able to finish. A BIG BIG THANKYOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS WEEK!

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