Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Piles of Mail

Eva Jean was the first to arrive this morning and quickly sat down in front of one of the piles of mail that came today. We were expecting a light group today, one of our usual volunteers had surgery last week and will be out for a few more weeks, a few more went to TAG (that was excellent and I was sorry to have missed that) a few more are out of the state traveling to warmer weather, and some had to work at a real job. We were very grateful to all who came to help.
 For a few hours poor Kathy was the only reader. She didn't think she was going to be able to finish.
 Chuck, Shirley, Eva Jean and Vonnie were put to work on studies but then Shirley felt bad for Kathy and started reading letters leaving just 3 people to work on the studies.
 Mom arrived after TAG was over and went right to work also helping Kathy read.
 We quit at noon to break bread together. Actually no bread was broken, mom brought the lunch today and it was just delicious. She served glazed ham, fresh steamed broccoli, salad, chips and fresh baked brownies.
 Marie arrived with her boys and joined in the fun at lunch then helped finish entering all the studies and printed labels.
 Below Justin is checking out the desserts.
 The meal was colorful and delicious.
 Below are are discussing the strategy for the afternoon. Just trying to figure out the most efficient way to get the work done before too late, Eva Jean was sure we would finish up by midnight.
Everyone went right to work and by 3:00 pm the last envelope was stuffed. So so thankful these wonderful volunteers were all willing to work this hard and stay overtime. Of course the pay scale around here doesn't factor in overtime, we say the pay is out of this world and the rewards are heavenly.

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