Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another 480 On the Way

We knew today would be an exhausting day labor wise at the Berean office. We had some of our usual hard working volunteers come and they all got right to work on opening mail. Below Diane R is showing Diane H some hand drawn art on one of the letters
 We are amazed at the talent so many of the prisoners have. I guess it helps they have the time to draw. Check out the cute puppies below.
Below Tiffany is hard at work reading the letters. 
 Chuck, Anna, Eva Jean and Roma were put in charge of opening and processing the studies today.
 Eldon from Meister's brought the skid load of Bibles over about 10:30 am. Diane, Rachel, and I formed a chain to help Eldon unload. Rachel and Tiffany went to work immediately stuffing and wrapping. As soon as the studies were finished the rest of the group came in to help.
 We were able to finish just shortly after noon and enjoyed breaking bread together. Honestly it was such a relief to get this week done. I left the office early to meet Ryan and Steven at the Bartonville post office to unload the Bibles. So so thankful for willing nephews. By this time the artificial joint was causing some trouble and bending was pretty uncomfortable. Young men are much more bendable than old ladies.
By the time the day was over we had 480 Bibles on their way to prisoners all over America.

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