Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quarterly Newsletter

While talking to JoAnne Sunday night she reminded me about the Berean Newsletter. Please click on the link at the bottom of this post to read it, it is interesting and tells much more about this ministry than what happens with the study program.
The blowing and drifting snow caused a few problems at the Berean office today. The parking lot had been plowed but the snow coming off the field built a big drift right in front of the entrance. Eva Jean was the victim and ended up just leaving her car for later. That was a good thing to do, each and every other volunteer that came were warned by seeing her car stuck in a drift to use the other entrance. When Marvin arrived he was sure he could get the car out of the drift and did.
The rest of us went right to work on opening letters and studies. Roanoke church is going to help with grading this batch of studies. We figured out we could send a box home with Ruth and Fedi's daughter Rebekah who comes each week to their place and she will be glad to take them to the church and recruit graders.  Check out the smiles in the picture below. Even though there is a lot of work we have such a good time working together it doesn't seem like work.
 We were missing a few of our regulars but had enough to get the job done by 2:00 pm today.
 Marvin brought in the paper below. He opened a letter December 31st, 2016 that had this written. He printed it exactly as it was written. Of course the man who wrote this is in prison so we are assuming it changed his life after the conviction. Or maybe he turned himself in.. we don't really know anything about his case.
 In the other room Megan, Justin, Timothy and Marie were working on getting Bibles labeled and ready for mailing.
 We only had 3 readers today, Shirley, mom and Marvin. They were not able to finish as we were swamped with letters. Tomorrow I'll finish those and start entering them. We will need to get another load of Bibles delivered for Thursday so today's requests can be filled.
 Once Marie was back from taking Megan to school she helped enter the studies for processing.
 One of the volunteers opened the letter below, it was so touching I felt this letter MUST be shared.
This letter just proves how important the graders are to the prisoners doing this study. Sometimes this is the only mail they get. This program is just a small part of Berean Prison Ministries. There are volunteers going into the jails and prisons counseling, preaching, speaking, distributing Bibles, books, hygiene products and just letting the prisoners know some one cares. Berean publishes a quarterly newsletter. I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to read it, just click HERE.

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