Thursday, January 21, 2016


We were surprised at how much mail came today but what was interesting was every piece of mail was in one of our postage paid business reply envelopes. On Tuesday we had more letters than studies come in, today some letters were included with the studies but hundreds of studies. Unfortunately we were short of Bibles and only able to get out about half of the requests that came in this week. Tiffany, Anni, Rachel and Ryan stuffed, wrapped, labeled and loaded all of those into Diane's van. Marie and Justin were here getting studies for folding. They take home these home for folding to help keep us supplied with enough prepared studies for mailing each week.
 We were short about 200 Bibles, hopefully those 200 will be mailed next week if the Bibles get here in time. Once the last one was loaded Ryan, Anni and Rachel came in the other room and joined the group opening studies. Tiffany joined Diane R reading letters.

We finally just quit around noon, enjoyed lunch then went right back to work and was able to stuff the last envelope at 2:00 pm. Diane and I are very very thankful for these dedicated hard working volunteers. We have a couple praises to report. Marie knew of someone heading out to Rittman, OH and took the last FULL box of studies to be graded for the Ohio churches but don't worry Peoria after today we have 2 more FULL boxes to bring on Sunday. There are enough studies to be graded to keep everyone supplied and this program just keeps growing.

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