Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Unexpected Much WELCOMED Help!

What a surprise today, expecting maybe 4 volunteers we were blessed and overjoyed with 10. We had 2 new workers come today. Leona came today, Leona is the quilting lady at the church, she is in charge of keeping all of those quilters and knotters busy. I found out today Leona also takes all of the Peoria County jumpsuits the prisoners wear that need mending and mends them. All along we thought a bunch of ladies were doing this task and then to find out Leona single-handedly has been doing the mending. We were honored by her presence today.
 Above these volunteers are separating the envelopes from the studies and below Roma, Leona, Shirley and mom are stuffing and sealing envelopes, Glenna was also here to work, just not pictured in these pictures. 
 Eva Jean was working in the other room filling and sealing envelopes while Marvin worked on typing in Bible labels. 

 Skip, our other new volunteer (to this office, Skip is actually on the board at Berean) was put to work making the certificates for those that had finished all 50 lessons of the Basic Bible Study. 
Below Roma, Leona, Glenna and Eva Jean are folding studies for the next set. 
 All of the ladies needed to leave by noon today. Marvin and Skip stayed to try to finish the Bible requests. Gail, Marvin's wife told me at church tonight he didn't get home until 5:00 pm and wasn't able to finish.
Mark, mom and I arrived at church tonight with 3 full tubs of studies to be graded. Mark K and Rebekah K walked in right after us and each grabbed a tub. These joined the 3 FULL tubs from last week. HELP!!! We NEED HELP grading these studies.

Peoria is maxed out, these studies are coming in faster than we can possible grade them. ANY church WILLING? They are not hard to grade, in fact we would be glad to give out the answer keys. The postage is already on so as soon as they are graded they can be mailed out. PLEASE please consider helping with this. The prisoners love the feedback and anxiously wait for to see how they did. Sometimes this is the only mail they receive. If you know of a potluck group, sewing club, young group, retirement homes that are looking for a service project we would be thrilled. If you cannot will you please pray for this program?

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