Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lots of Bibles Lots of Volunteers

So thankful today. Spark and Jake brought 2 pallets of Bibles to the Berean office and unloaded them by the door. When we arrived we formed a chain to get them all inside. That was a lot of Bibles.
We had new volunteers today and the youngest volunteer ever arrived with Rebekah. At first Jordan was given some toys to play with while mama worked but he soon saw everyone else helping and wanted to help too.
 He would hand the studies to Rebekah so she could stuff them in the Bible.
 He got quite good at this. Of course the volunteers in the other room had to quick come to the window to see. Rebekah offered to take another box of studies to be graded to the Roanoke church.
Edie, Anna, Eva Jean, Vonnie and Roma were busy opening the mail while David, Kathy and Diane R worked on reading the mail. We had a LOT of mail today. Anna took an entire box of studies to be graded to the Princeville church. 
 In the other room we had quite an assembly line going stuffing, wrapping, labeling and stacking Bibles. LOTS of Bibles.
 Trevor was another new volunteer, he saw Rachel's plea on the Peoria Young Group Facebook page and showed up to help. He and David S had the van stuffed full of Bibles, drove the first load to the Peoria post office right after lunch.

Rachel and Tiffany were keeping David, Rebekah, Anni, Trevor and Jordan busy while Vonnie filed the studies she had the volunteers at Skyline  fold and fill.
 Getting the Bibles out was a big job and we were so so thrilled for the man muscles. No reason to work out at a gym on volunteer day at Berean. The weight training is FREE, the fellowship is FREE, the lunch is FREE and the pay is out of this world. 
 Below is the parking lot today, Rachel counted 16 cars and trucks today all of people here to help.
 When we broke for lunch we left a mess of studies laid out on every available table surface.
 We had a simple lunch of hot soup but that hit the spot and gave us enough energy to finish the job this afternoon.
Just a little after 2:00 pm the last envelope was stuffed. We still needed to finish the last load of Bibles. David O, David S, Eva Jean and I stayed to finish and by 3:00 the van was stuffed with another load of Bibles and the huge amount of trash left from wrapping almost cleaned up.  So very thankful for the many hands. Today was not light work but it was a job well done. This precious gift of the Living Word was sent out to over 700 prisoners today.

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