Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Busy Volunteers

Marvin H made a few changes to the answer keys with a cover page explaining how the studies should be graded then brought it in to the office today.  Marie and her boys worked on making 50 copies of them. We sent 10 copies to the Princeville church with Marvin L, kept about 20 at our office here and will send 10 copies to the Peoria church.
We had a brand new volunteer today, Shelby came and was put right to work reading letters with David O.
One of our long lost volunteers found his way back today after his vacation in Arizona.
We were pretty thrilled to have him back. Especially when he was willing to take the answer keys with him.
Kathy left before our meal so she could eat lunch with her dad. 
We didn't have a terribly hard day today, finishing up just a little after 1:00 pm. Mom provided another delicious lunch for us all, a hot delicious soup filled with meat and vegetables, that was served with crackers and different cheeses. Then for dessert  we had fresh baked brownies, Marie made tapioca pudding plus mom brought cookies. We really do work for food around here.

 The letters still need to be processed but the studies have all been sent out for grading this week. A box was mailed to South Carolina for grading and another box sent out to Charlene. Speaking of our pay around here, this just seems to be right on.

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