Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Easy Day

With Memorial Day holiday yesterday we only got 1 tub of mail. We flew through that and finished by noon with processing and filling the studies. Of course it helped that we had a lot of help. Marvin came up with the design in the picture below. Any guesses as to why?
 When the air conditioner is running the left side of the room freezes but the right side is too warm. Marvin made that box taped it up and today we were all comfortable. It worked perfectly! A couple weeks ago we got a letter from a mom of a prisoner. This man had gotten a Bible from us when in jail and did all 50 studies. He was so very proud of his certificate. He was released from jail and then died. His mother wrote that she found his Bible but could not find his certificate. Marvin mailed her a new certificate and today this thank you note came from her with her son's obituary. 
 David opened it and showed it to Marvin and Kathy. 
 In the other room the ladies are busy separating the studies so we can fill the second envelope with the next series of lessons. 
 These two volunteers are folding, stuffing and sealing. 
 The office was a busy place this morning. Marie kept the copier running non stop making thousands of copies to try to catch up from last week when we ran out of them. 
 Below it looks like Shelby is taking a break playing on her phone but we were all suspicious of her, we think she may have been smuggling out pictures of the workers. 
 Lunch was cold today, we had chicken salad, croissants to use for making a sandwhich, home grown lettuce from Marie's garden, lots of sweet blueberries, strawberries and grapes and for dessert pie and cake.
 After lunch everyone left except Ruth and I. We stayed to finish typing in the Bible requests for our Thursday group. We only had a couple hundred today instead of 400-500 requests.
We will not be working at the Berean office tomorrow. The next volunteer day will be Thursday June 2nd. and it might be a huge mail day to make up for today's light mail. If you have any free time we would LOVE to have your company.

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