Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Helping Hands

Our office was busy today, busy with lots of willing volunteers. Sometimes I wonder if the volunteer hours were counted how high would it go? There are so many people willing to give hours of precious time to help prisoners all over the United States just from this office along. That doesn't even take into account the hundreds of volunteers that go into the jails and prisons day in and day out helping where ever possible. During one of the prayers today, the person praying reminded us how much God loves each and every person free or not. The fields truly are white with harvest and I'm thankful we have many harvesters working here. 
 Above Jan, Joyce and Jenny are opening mail and labeling studies, below Shirley, Chuck, Marvin, Vonnie and Eva Jean are busy opening the huge pile of mail that came today. 

 Above Jeanette is getting stamps to apply to the study envelopes while below Marvin and David are reading the hundreds of letters that came today. 
 Kathy is another reader, she had just stepped into the other room for studies to mail to a prisoner. 

 Marie is entering the studies at the second computer. By the way this computer is very old and very slow. One of our prayer requests is for a younger computer, one that won't freeze up because of the extreme amount of data we keep entering on this old one. 
 We were very thankful when Lisa arrived with her boys and their helping hands. They were kept busy stamping the return address on thousands of envelopes and wrapping Bibles for our Thursday group. 

We broke for lunch but then went right back to work. Today we stopped working before 2:00 pm. We didn't finish but there is a group of ladies coming in tomorrow to help. If anyone else wants to volunteer some time tomorrow, we will be there from 9:00 am to noon. The work isn't hard. 

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