Thursday, May 12, 2016


Well we paid for our light day on Tuesday, today we were swamped with mail that had to be processed plus needed to get the Bibles out for the week. I've been ashamed of these Bibles that have been sent out the last 2 weeks but today was humbling. We received 2 letters from prisoners that got them and were happy, no, actually more than happy. I can't remember how the letters were worded but they both felt bad about our financial problems and were very grateful for the Bible they did receive. When I arrived Marie was already hard at work making copies.
 Joan had arrived with her crew of willing workers. 

 Above Faith is stuffing Bibles and below Justin is bringing her another box for stuffing. 
 Eva Jean, Edie, Diane and Roma had to work double time to get the studies opened and processed. There were only 3 of them and hundreds of studies. 
 Rebekah and Rachel came in to read the letters after the Bibles were all stuffed, stamped, labeled and boxed up to go in the van. These two were the only readers today. 
 As soon as the last Bible was boxed up Joan, Faith, Mackenson and Berlica worked on studies. 
 Mackenson and Berlica were in charge of applying the stamps to the study envelopes. 

 Fait and Joan were busy putting the labels on the envelopes
 We broke for lunch at noon. We were all hungry and glad for the break. 

We decided once the studies were separated we would quit. It was just too much work for too few workers. There will be NO WORK at the Berean office on TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY next week (May 17th and 18th). Our next time working at this office is a week from today, Thursday May 19th. We are a little apprehensive about the amount of mail that will need to be processed that day. consider this an invitation, we will need HELP!

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