Thursday, April 28, 2016

561 Bibles Mailed

We had such a busy day today at the Berean office. Papers, wrappers, and boxes were just flying around off the table and sometimes on the floor. We mailed out 561 Bibles today and each Bible had to be stuffed, wrapped and labeled but the stuffing stuff wasn't prepared. We stuff 1-4 lessons in each Bible along with an outline PLUS a letter explaining the program PLUS a postage paid return envelope PLUS an explanation statement on why we are now sending the paper back Bibles. This is a LOT of work.  That wasn't the only work going on though in this office, Below Roma, Edie and Anna are busy working on the studies while Chuck and Diane R read letters.

 Rebekah arrived with our favorite worker Jordan to work on Bibles. 
 Rachel, Rebekah and Eva Jean were the only Bible workers for an hour and believe me they were discouraged. The list of labels seemed to be overwhelming. 
 Although you wouldn't be able to tell by the smile below.
 Those three were so grateful when more help arrived. When Chuck and Diane R were finished reading letters they came out to help with the Bible wrapping. 
 Below Diane H is busy printing out the labels from the request that came in today. 
 We worked from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm getting these Bibles ready for mailing then loaded into Diane's van.  Check out the video below, we were all getting slap happy which was better than being grumpy with all this work.

 When the last label had been applied we all cheered. It didn't take long to clear off the table for lunch. By this time we were 'starving'. It was great to sit down, eat and rejoice over finishing another week. That is all of us but Diane H. She still needed to take her van to the post office and unload these 561 Bibles. We haven't heard yet if anyone came out to help her but sure hope so. We are thankful to have survived another week and thankful for everyone that showed up this week to help. Without volunteers we would never get out of this office!

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