Thursday, April 14, 2016

650 Bibles Mailed

The number 650 doesn't seem huge until one takes into the account of exactly how much work it IS to stuff, wrap, label, stamp and load that many Bibles. First we needed to get the Bibles delivered and into the office. We had a great chain gang line going.
We didn't have enough of the 1-4 lessons folded for stuffing so Eva Jean and Chuck are frantically folding them for stuffing in the video above and in the pictures below.

 Edie and Marie are preparing another set of 4 for stuffing. 
 After the Bibles were all unloaded came the real work. Tiffany, Chuck, Diane, Rebekah and Vonnie were hard at work stuffing, wrapping and labeling while David Jacob and Rachel loaded them into the vans. Today we needed two vans for hauling, it was just too many Bibles for one van to hold.
 Roma was busy in the other room working on the studies that came in today's mail. 
 While Diane R was reading the letters. She was the only reader today but kept up just fine. 
 By the time we finished each van held 325 Bibles. We know this because we only had 650 Bible stamps and actually had 655 request this week so 5 of these prisoners will have to wait until next week before their Bible gets sent out. 
 In the picture below Eva Jean, Roma and Edie are busy working on the studies.
 Today was my birthday so the boss made me go through the lunch line first. It was a great birthday, so very productive and all these wonderful volunteers came to my party!
We had a big celebration when we finished. We not just survived the week we finished it out with a bang!

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