Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another Record

Today's mail was another record for Berean. It was so much mail, even with all of the volunteers we didn't finish opening it until after lunch.
 Everyone sat right down and jumped right into opening and processing this huge amount of mail. One of the prisoners today sent along 2 pages of hand written religious jokes. That is exactly how he worded the letter.  We gave that letter to David. We only took the time to listen to one of the jokes and it wasn't religious or funny but had us laughing hysterically listening to the incredulous sound of David's voice as he tried to read it. 
 There were so many letters,  besides our usual readers, Marvin, David and Kathy, Jan also helped with reading. We were missing mom, that's probably why we didn't get done before lunch. Mom is visiting Washington DC with Carolee and mom's sister Aunt Jinnie.
 Joyce and Jan brought the lunch today, wow it tasted even better than it looked. Check out those colors! A big thank you to both of those ladies.

 After lunch it was right back to work. We weren't able to finish today but Kathy and David took home a big box full of studies that needed to be sealed then mailed. They offered to work on those tonight.
With the thousands of requests coming in, the Berean board felt they could no longer supply prisoners with the expensive big Bibles. They found a cheaper Bible that can be mailed out for 50 cents LESS than the big ones, plus the cost of these Bibles are LESS than half of the cost of the big ones. Unfortunately they are paper back and the font size is not as large. We are disappointed and are pretty sure the prisoners will be too but with the amount of Bibles we are sending out the board felt we must find a way to cut cost. Diane is trying to find sleeves that will fit them, we will start mailing them out as soon as the sleeves come in, probably around 2 weeks. I've asked Marvin to come up with an explanation letter to send with the Bibles so the prisoner that receives it will understand we did not make a mistake and sent the wrong Bible, this is the best we can do.

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