Tuesday, April 5, 2016

His Body

What a wonderful day!
Yes we had a lot of mail but we also had lots of volunteers to help process this mail. Aunt Bernie was at TEMCO to print out Bible stamps we need for Thursday, behind her is Ellen, (the other boss) of this program.
 First timer Mary took one look at the work load and almost turned around. We were glad she decided to stay, we were glad for everyone that came today. 
 Below Carol is reading leters, Glenna, Leona, Vonnie, Eva Jean and Mary are opening lessons, Dave is collecting some of the letters, Justin is bringing in more paper clips and Marvin was already hard at work reading. 
 Carol, Jan and Joyce worked at the back table while Mary, Vonnie, Leona, Glenna and Eva Jean worked at the middle table. 
At the front table, Marvin, Marvin, David and Kathy are hard at work with letters and studies while Marie is working at the second computer.
Marvin opened a letter that came today which caused some mirth, the prisoner asked for one of those HIV Bibles. We believe he meant NIV. Dave opened one letter from an inmate that was telling on another inmate stating he was stealing people's Bibles and warning us not to send that guy any. That was a first. We had some touching letters today also.
Below Justin is just about ready to start entering on the first computer, that is until I kicked him off my chair. 
 Mike showed up to drop off some keys, he was on the way to the cancer center with his wife Dort. 
Below everyone is hard at work.
Kathy and Dave brought the very colorful delicious lunch today. 
 The welcome lunch break was needed today, there was just so much to do and the pizza was delicious! THANKS Kathy and Dave
Below Glenna, Vonnie and Eva Jean are finishing up with sealing the envelopes.
From the opening prayer to the last sealed envelope the song that kept running through my head was How Beautiful The Body of Christ.  
These earthly hands of our Living God are more than just willing to serve hundreds of prisoners, they pray for these men and women, they want each and everyone of these souls to know that they are of value, they are not a throw-away-people,  Jesus DIED for them too, These volunteers work this hard and this willingly, not for earthly wages, this is just so these thousands of prisoners can read this Bible, the Living Word and learn how to turn their life around, repent and find salvation. Oh how beautiful these workers are.

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