Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Not Quite

Carol, Cindy and I worked today until 1:00 pm but didn't finish. We had to make the decision to stop and just walk away hoping the Thursday group can finish up. We had over 500 names to enter all wanting Bibles.
 Carol labeled and stuffed the studies that hadn't been finished on Tuesday then worked on filling some of the boxes.
Does it seem to be a pattern of not getting done? Well this will probably change pretty quickly, the first batch of new Bibles will be going out tomorrow and if the reaction is anything like the phone call I took today the recipients are not going to be happy. A chaplain from Texas called to ask for a case of Bibles. When he was told we no longer have the giant print study Bibles but can send these new paper back ones, he was quick to tell me, "never mind." they really want the other ones, they can read them in their cells and the enjoy the study questions and maps. Pray for this program!

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