Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday Workers

Since we just couldn't get done yesterday with the tremendous amount of mail today was catch up day. Thankfully Carol and Cindy came to help. Carol had to fold studies in order to fill the studies as the boxes were empty. Below she is working on the 9-12. We needed a couple hundred of those.
 Cindy is hard at work entering the Bible request letters in the picture below.
 Around 1:00 pm we needed to quit for the day. Carol is holding the box she filled with studies to be mailed out but all of these still need to be sealed. What a good job for the Thursday workers. 
 We have 2 other boxes full and ready to be mailed that are already sealed. Below Cindy is sitting in front of FOUR empty letter holders, ALL of them were full when we started this morning.
We were thrilled when the last letter was entered. Tomorrow will be the last day we send out the big Bibles. We have a pallet load of the smaller Bibles scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Any one feel like working out at 9:00 am? It is a good physical work out and we don't charge a thing! Like Marvin says, "working here is like working out at Gold's Gym without the L.

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